TіPUSS 2020 № 1

  1. Hura T.V., Mykhajlychenko V.E., Haluschak I.V. The ways of students’ independent study activation (3-15) Abstract
  2. Zinchenko L. V. A study of pedagogical conditions for development of professional responsibility among physical training and sports professionals (16-23) Abstract
  3. Asieieva I.V. Results of the pedagogical experiment of formation of basic professional competence in future bachelors of mechanical building specialties (24-36) Abstract
  4. Vorobieva E.V., Chebakova Yu.G. Оrganization of the educational process in a modern higher education institution based on a facilitative approach (37-51) Abstract
  5. Kozlov D.O. Method of experimental assessing of the model of the system of the innovative culture development of future manager of general secondary educational institution (52-60) Abstract
  6. Zhushma T.V., Fetyniuk V. Table of contents and structure of the pedagogical culture of future higher education facilities as an important component of the professional (61-75) Abstract
  7. Romanovskiy O.G., Ponomaryov O.S., Iliash N. Two aspects of leadership philosophy (76-87) Abstract
  8. Dubinina O.M, Ignatyuk O.A. Diagnostic technique of professionally important qualities of an educational leader (88-103) Abstract
  9. Liutyi M.М. Leadership traits of future lecturers of higher education institution (104-115) Abstract
  10. Moroz S.A., Buka I., Moroz V.M., Buka S. Factors influencing the choice of the place for obtaining of higher education as an object of public management ensuring its quality (according to a survey of students of Ukrainian institutions of higher education) (116-130) Abstract