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Girl story

I became back from school for winter break when I met my mom’s new boyfriend for the 1st time. My parents divorced when I’d been five, so it wasn’t want it was traumatic or anything to satisfy the guy. I didnt expect him being so damn hot, though. He’s a trainer, and fit as hell—six-pack-abs-and-ripped-arms […]

worker money

This guy knew I was a sex worker. It says so, right within my Bumble profile: retired media whore, current actual whore. He had even commented onto it, using the language every woman longs to hear from the romantic interest:’Haha, nice 😉 ‘. And yet I watched as his face contorted into an expression of […]

2 funny

I’ve never sexted some guy, like, ever, because my parents employed to hammer me nonstop with stories about girls whose reputations were totally ruined by naked photo scandals. Thing is, I’m endlaved by frexting, sex which is largely sexting, except put it into practice with the best girlfriend who’s way more unlikely to share your […]


To produce your traveling life only a little easier we’ve decided to produce a handy overview of all the Red Light District charges for 2018 that you’d need to know about before visiting! Red Light District Prices For Prostitutes 2018 The prostitutes standing in Amsterdam’s window brothels routinely have a starting price of approximately 50 […]