Tips To Building Your Own LinkedIn Inc

I’m fortunate enough to have offers from Big G or LinkedIn as a new graduate, and would just like to get people’s thoughts. I’ve listed out the basic information below and also given pros/cons to each. Any help would be very appreciated!

Google (interned twice):

$155.9k TC in Pittsburgh, PA working on the Shopping team (but no clue what specifically team-wise)

Can live very close to the office for $1400-$1700 per month (5 minute walk)

Have interned twice so I’m very familiar with the internal stuff and have almost grown accustomed to it (scheduling meetings, calendars, email, etc.)

Could transfer after getting promoted to the NYC office (which could take a couple of years) [unsure how easy transfers are to the NYC office]

Google-specific perks like taking classes [but not many in Pittsburgh from what I’ve read]

Good work-life balance

Ability to move to entirely different products via internal transfer

Stock refreshers granted each year (start after first year)

Being a bit further from home would allow me to grow as a person some more (maybe?)

Money can go further in Pittsburgh, but there’s less of it (as of now)

Pittsburgh is not the most exciting city to me (especially when stacked up against NYC)

Need a car

Slow promotion process

Far-ish from home (I live in Connecticut so I would have to fly to visit home, and I’m very close to my parents and don’t have much family)

Don’t know what I’m working on specifically (tech stack, feature/area; the call I had talked about data and log analysis which doesn’t interest me)

Don’t feel excited one way or the other about the area I’d join or Google as a whole, even having interned twice (still great experiences, just not a super-fan or anything like that)

The conversion process took a very long time, which didn’t leave a good taste in my mouth

A lot of politics, changes, and internal discussions that give me pause

The office is mostly engineering, so less variety


~$188k TC (doesn’t include things like perk reimbursement or relocation) in New York City, NY working on the video ads team (most likely in JavaScript for the front-end and Java for the back-end)


Live/be in NYC and be very close to home (NYC has always been my main goal as it’s a great city and wobb internships (just click the following post) is close to my family)

Working on a team that is growing and expanding from what the hiring manager said

Very good work-life balance

From what I’ve read/heard, no real politics or internal issues

Higher compensation (as of now)

Better perks/food

LinkedIn seems to really want me as they expedited the process for me and accommodated my request of wanting to be in NYC to be close to home

Even though LinkedIn has developed its own culture, I still feel like the product as a whole is meant to do good, which is motivating to me (and in the end people are just posting about being happy for something)

Could live at home and commute by Metro North (commute would be around 70-80 minutes but 90% is in a very nice train) to save money

Smaller engineering presence so everyone knows each other

Office is comprised of 80% sales which means there could be more variety amongst meeting people

Faster promotion process

Better relocation (1 month of corp housing to let me find a place to rent, 2.5k stipend to buy furniture and other things)

More impact (I think)

Easier to move to other NYC jobs than if I was in Pittsburgh


Internal stuff is not as refined as Google

Concern about the potential lack of variety if I want to move teams (the transfer process is easy, but it’d still be work)

No guarantee of stock refreshers each year

Higher rent if I live in NYC

City tax from NYC

Less variety of work as compared to Google

Both have 50% 401k match and allow the mega backdoor Roth IRA, so I didn’t bother including these in the pros/cons.

I realize having written this that there are less cons for LinkedIn than G (both in quantity and quality), but still. A small part of me feels weird for having interned twice at G and potentially not converting, especially given the long process I went through to even get this far. And I do worry about whether or not I would end up wanting to change to a different area, and if so, would I be limited in any way at LinkedIn compared to G.

Having spoken to my parents, as of now, they think it’s a no-brainer, and I’m inclined to agree. It’s more money in a more ideal location at an equally great company. One thought I do have is that if Google can match LinkedIn’s offer, is it worth going to Pittsburgh with an equally higher TC but lower taxes/cost of living, at the cost of being away from home in a different city, etc. But even still, I feel that I might think, “I should’ve gone to New York,” whereas I don’t feel I’d think, “I should’ve gone to Pittsburgh” if I was in NYC.

If anyone can give their thoughts on things like the career progression of either company (like in the long-run), or even just their general thoughts, I would be very grateful, as I’m having quite a hard time deciding. Thanks so much!

EDIT: One thing I want to elucidate on is that since my goal is to live/work in NYC. So if I was go to Pittsburgh, I’d only be there for a couple of years and then internally transfer to the NYC office.