Sandwich Panel Performance Advantages

The number of the joint factors will reduce in addition to the assembly workmanship of the surface being coated through the use of
the sandwich panels, manufactured in lengths up to 18 meters, in the buildings. With the developed transportation and
carriage means, the better wall and roof surfaces may be coated in a short time. 10 min./m2
assembly time for the walls
and 8 min./m2 assembly time for the roofs can be used as data. Whilst the sandwich panel does not limit the amount of
the construction or the height of the building, the restrict values are decided in keeping with the bearing construction.
Although the standard component and restricted length opportunities of the sandwich panels, unlimited design
alternatives are offered to the designers. The walls gain visible mobility by way of using variable colors or coating the
panels in vertical, horizontal or angled positions. Even with the aid of the multi-purposed panels in the interior elements, the
design prospects of the designers improve.
The joint details cover the points connected from panel to panel and from panel to the bearing construction. Tight joints
that fulfill the insulation functions can be provided by way of utilizing double lamp-bush type in the wall panels and customarily
utilizing lamp-bush kind in the roof panels as well as utilizing lateral overlay. What is expected from the joint points indeed
is the air-tightness, thermal insulation and straightforward meeting possibility. What is required with straightforward meeting is the total
settlement of the elements to one another without difficulty. Because of the performed searches, it has been discovered that
the panels have 100 time higher air-tightness capability than probably the most certified windows. Additionalmore, the panels used on
the wall are manufactured as hidden screw and subsequently, aesthetic appearance is provided with none visible screw.
With a careful planning, great expansion and renewals may be conducted with out having any impact on the actions
within the building. It enables the efficiency of longitudinal and lateral additions according to the development of the
structure. Also, because the panels will be disassembled and then assembled once more, they provide practical advantages in terms
of financial system and application.
The sandwich panels rapidly amortize their cost. In addition to the economical advantages offered throughout the meeting,
the panels have more sure amortization advantages compared to different building supplies with their energy saving
thanks to the thermal insulation. Via reviewing the thermal conductivity values of the supplies, the savings obtained
from the thermal insulation might be simply decided comparatively. The polyurethane-filled sandwich panels have decrease
thermal transmission coefficient than all other similar thermal insulation materials and due to this fact, cause high insulation
values and energy earning. Therefore, the resources are protected. Even electric generation may be doable by means
of locating sun skylights on the panels. In addition to the transportation time and prices, for the reason that sandwich panels are
light and transmit less load to the bearing system of the structure, they reduce the essential construction costs too and have
positive impact. Furthermore, they have low-price upkeep besides their lengthy-time period utilization possibility. The trendy
coatings on the panels enable the sustainability of the sandwich panels since they provide protection in opposition to high degree
of corrosion and ultraviolet rays.

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