Traditional Way of Making Batik Print Clothes is Gaining Popularity

Making batik print on clothes is an art where the fabric is dyed using wax-resistant techniques. The print is made using old wax batik process and the resulted design could be as abstract or intricate as the artist dictates. Batik is similar to experimenting with wax crayons and water colour paints to create a wax resistant work.

Wax is applied on the cloth using stamps, brushes and other specific tools to make the men and womens batik shirts Sydney. When the wax has dried, the fabric is dyed with cold water to create a beautiful and irremovable print. Excess wax remaining on the cloth can be removed by washing the cloth into the cold water. The designs can be printed on any cloth and can also be used on bed and sofa covers.

The process followed in making the batik prints is century old and was originated in Indonesia. The traditional way of making batik print involves the use of three basic colours, namely white dark brown and indigo. Several patterns such as animals, flowers etc. are used to prepare these prints rather than simple colouring. Womens batik shirts Sydney are hand made does not involve technical procedure in formation.

The best cloth for making the batik prints are pure cotton, muslin or silk. However, cotton is preferable during the summer. The cloth need to be washed and dried before using to prepare men and womens batik shirts Sydney to remove the impurities. Ironing the clothes will remove the extra moisture making the cloth appropriate for dyeing. Cotton makes the light cloth material which doesn’t require any care and washing frequently will make the cloth material softer.

Several lines of womens batik shirts Sydney include – Rainbow pop bralet, Flamingo pinafore, Flamingo Shirt & Short, Liquid Velvet Tee, Faux pinafore, Oyster shirt, Scuba skirt, Seeker skirt, Bleachers skirt, Bobo crop, Duke vest, Okana jacket, Kane Sequin top, Valley velvet top, Zibi mini and Dune mini skirt etc. These clothes are designed to make it perfect beach wearable.

The tye dye shirt designs Sydney for men are – Piranha shirt, Laguna shirt, Bamboo shirt, Tribal shirt and shorts, Barracuda shirt, Jellyman shorts, Marina shorts, Tetris shorts Flamingo shirts and shorts, Village shorts and Rainbow Pop jumper, etc. are in collection. The shirts are kept short sleeved to keep you cool and airy during the hot summer days.

Each men and womens Contoh Motif Batik Pesisir shirts Sydney is uniquely designed using tye dye, batik and monochrome prints. The shirts are prepared using right kind of art work and skill. The cloth can be washed manually and is available at affordable price rates.

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