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All About South East Asia Tours

Southeast Asia is a assortment of connected but different states clutches between the pacific and Indian ocean . The area has been a preferred bend of the world for sphere – vagrant backpackers well known for its prefect beaches, delicious cuisine, squat prices and high-quality air connections. Southeast Asia tour dedicated in custom- designed travel […]

Rent A Car In Geneva To Make Your Trip Enjoyable and Hassle-free

Geneva is a beautiful city. Located in the heavenly Switzerland, it has been an important center for commerce, Harga sewa mobil bali trade, cultural activities and tourism. It is the capital of Geneva and one of the major cities of Switzerland along with other cities like Zurich. it is also an important city because of […]

Drivers in London are renting people’s driveways to avoid paying emissions fees – Roadshow

id=”article-body” class=”row” section=”article-body”> Enlarge ImagePeople are going to extremes to avoid paying the ULEZ fee for their cars, even renting people’s driveways. Kristian Buus/Getty Images Anyone who’s watched Top Gear has likely heard its hosts drone on about the fee that the city of London charges motorists driving in certain areas of the city to […]

How to recognise your period and how to treat it using herbal remedies

An expert has revealed the different types of period women experience, and how to ease the symptoms using herbal remedies.    Bromley-based professional herbalist Natasha Richardson founded Forage Botanicals, a company that produces herbal remedies for all kind of period woes – from the well-known cramps to more obscure period migraines.  She has identified the […]

Win their hearts with these last-minute Valentine’s Day savings on getaways, hotels and gifts

id=”article-body” class=”row” section=”article-body”> Valentine’s Day is this Friday and if you’re still living in denial (like me) with no restaurant reservation, worry not. You can still have that special day without blowing your budget on expensive prix fixe dinners with 20 other couples. Make this year special with out-of-the-ordinary dates such as bowling, bread-making class, […]

Traditional Way of Making Batik Print Clothes is Gaining Popularity

Making batik print on clothes is an art where the fabric is dyed using wax-resistant techniques. The print is made using old wax batik process and the resulted design could be as abstract or intricate as the artist dictates. Batik is similar to experimenting with wax crayons and water colour paints to create a wax […]