Dear colleagues,

lots of famous scientists and recognized researchers have published results of their scientific researches in the scientific and practical magazine “Theory and Practice of Social Systems  Management ” . The editorial board of the magazine pays much attention to quality of scientific articles, involving in cooperation with the edition not only the authoritative and recognized scientists, but also young talented researchers. The editorial policy of magazine on formation of contents of each next issue of the edition based on the principle of a combination of the famous scientists` authority and experience with persistence and commitment of talented youth, the results of scientific research, haven’t gained the distribution within scientific and communicative space yet. We want to pay attention that most of authors who have begun cooperation with our scientific publication in due time don’t stop working with us till present.

We give below not the complete list of the authors of our magazine whose scientific achievements have brought to them not only recognition and authority in the professional environment, and have significantly influenced the improvement and development of content of scientific schools in Ukraine and Eastern Europe.