to the manuscripts of articles submitted to the quarterly journal of research and practice “Theory and Practice of Social Systems”


The main purpose of publishing is contributing to the development of philosophical, pedagogical and psychological disciplines, to give the opportunity to educational research staff and other interested individuals of publishing their own scientific research within the competence of the relevant branch of knowledge (philosophy, pedagogy, psychology), familiarizing the scientific community with current directions of development of scientific ideas within the discipline related area of the scientific publication, including:

  • theory and practice of social systems management;
  • philosophical, psychological, educational and sociological principles of management;
  • research methodology and modeling of social systems;
  • philosophy of occupational education and training of future leaders;
  • developing a creative personality; elite and leadership;
  • social environment as a factor of management;
  • personal factor in management and pedagogical activities.

The editorial board of the scientific publication accepts for publishing the materials of scientific research, the authors of which are complied with the relevant rules and requirements. Articles submitted in violation of the following requirements are not allowed for review by members of the editorial board.


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for the article publication in the quarterly journal of research and practice “Theory and Practice of Social Systems”

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Suggested topics (philosophy, pedagogy, psychology)
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I confirm my desire to publish an article in the quarterly journal of research and practice “Theory and Practice of Social Systems” and guarantee that the presented article is the authors (authors) own development and has not been earlier published anywhere and is not pending in other publications.
I agree with all the requirements of the editorial board on the content, scope, design and materials submitting procedure. I confirm my agreement to print my article and the extended abstract to it in information systems (for example, on the website of the V.Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine, in the Open Journal Systems network, etc.) and international scientometrical databases.
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